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Top Ten Places Around Aus - #10 Lawn Hill Gorge

Favourite travel destinations are quite often dependent on first-hand experiences - your surrounding landscapes aren't always the primary factor!

Wether the weather, the company, accessibility or how much food and alcohol is readily available, can all really affect and change your perception and memories of a particular destination.

So here are some of my favourite spots around Australia. Sure they won't be everyones, but a combination of landscapes, company and all round good times made these spots some of my most memorable!

#10 Lawn Hill Gorge

Lawn Hill Gorge, Boodjamulla National Park, isn't a location you happen to stumble across whilst on-route to another destination.

It is very remote and very out of the way (unless you are travelling along the Savannah Way.)

Whilst heading to the border of the Northern Territory and Queensland we made one of the best decisions - to detour off the bitumen to stay here for a few nights. Not only were the roads some of the worse corrugations we had come across (even worse than the Savannah Way) but we were worried the van wouldn't even get us there as the roads were endless dust and reception was impossible.

Upon arriving the dust-filled home and rough ride was well worth it! We were greeted with sandstone ranges, deep red cliff gorges, crystal clear green waters, lush vegetation and an abundance of waterfalls. Our idea of paradise!

Not only is the park spectacular to look at but the list of things to do is endless. From Kayaking through the sheer gorges, to swimming through a wall of waterfalls and hiking alongside the edge of the red cliffs - taking in and appreciating this natural paradise is a guarantee!

We spent our days dipping in the crystal clear waterholes and waterfalls, finishing off the afternoons by picnicking atop the red cliffs watching the sun go down. This truly is a phenomenal place.

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