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Top Ten Places Around Aus - #9 The Whitsundays

There's nothing better than escaping crowds of people, escalated prices and impossible spots to free camp - so its best to try and avoid the more popular tourist destinations.

The Whitsundays is up there as one of the most popular and visited locations in Australia, and is an exception to my rule - it's one of the busier settings I would happily revisit again and again!

Before our travels, the Whitsundays evoked images of tropical paradise, island hopping, snorkelling and pristine beaches - all whilst experiencing that perfectly sunny and glorious weather.

My presumptions were accurate and this destination exceeded all high expectations.

Don't let your arrival to Airlie Beach deter you from organising a trip or transport to see the surrounding islands. If you're anything like me then over-populated beaches, roads and impossible parking dissuade and disinterest you from a location. Airlie Beach is the hub of the islands, it's where the backpackers stay, the vehicles are parked and it's where all the boats set off to travel to and from the 74 islands.

Camping just outside of Airlie was spectacular - we escaped the crowds and not only had a spot to place our towels on the sand, but had a beach all to ourselves. The view speaks for itself.

To best explore and experience the Whitsundays I would highly recommend staying on a boat for a few days and nights, this was one of the most memorable parts of the trip. Thanks to the amazing and beautiful crew at Sailing Whitsundays we swam, snorkelled, paddle boarded, walked, drank and danced our way around the islands, over the course of three days. I met some of the most hilarious and kind people in those few days, great company to share the breathtaking scenery that is the Whitsunday Islands!

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