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Top Ten Places Around Aus - #7 The Red Centre

The famous Red Centre - one of few places in Aus I have seen so many thousands of photos but never dreamed of witnessing in person. A place you almost feel like you have visited, purely by the amounts of photos and stories you heard ever since you were a child.

For me, travelling to a location where the coastline is a good 15 hour drive away, is unheard of - I never thought I would love a place so far from a beach.

Witnessing Uluru for yourself is worth ever spec of dust and dirt (and trust me, coming from a clean freak that is really something!)

Besides from the Top End of the NT with all its swimming holes and waterfalls, I didn't feel clean or properly washed for the majority of my time in this Australian Territory - so be prepared to use hundreds of baby wipes on your red dusty body! Haha!

Driving towards Kata Tjuta National Park you can see Uluru starting to appear on the horizon, growing larger and larger. Whilst you feel you are nearly there and start to get quite excited, you realise you are still over an hour away..

Nothing can really prepare you for the enormity and size of Uluru, it will blow your mind and exceed every expectation and dream you had as a kid.

The Red Centre is also home to other beautiful landscapes, The Olgas which can be seen from Uluru is another reason this place is so spectacular. The walk through these incredible rock formations is burnt permanently into my memory, every view is as amazing as the next!

Another Must-Do here is Kings Canyon. After seeing crowds of people taking in views and photos of Uluru and the Olgas, I half expected Kings Canyon to be just as busy.

We decided to do the Canyon Rim walk just before sunset to witness the spectacular view with beautiful colours - and we did not see another soul for the entire 6km and 3 hour walk. Every corner and every part of this magnificent walk kept getting better and better, it was the perfect way to show off the landscape!

Not only does the Red Centre have the ultimate views and walks, but the camp spots are pretty up there as well. The Devils Marbles and the West Macdonnell ranges have some of the best places to stop and stay. The views are amazing, the scenery is amazing and the out-of this-world landscapes are right in your backyard!


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