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Top Ten Places Around Aus - #6 East Coast Tasmania

I realise this is not an exact location and may sound pretty vague, but Tasmania as a whole is superb and the whole East Coast is definitely worth a visit!

Taking up less than 1% of the overall area of Australia, it's possible to travel Tasmania in a much shorter time frame. Exploring the entirety of the East Coast in one sitting will only take you a measly 5 hours of straight driving, when taking that nice and slow - it is rather enjoyable!

Road tripping through Tasmania is a must - not only is it home to some of the best free camp spots and views I have ever seen, but having everything in close proximity means fuel costs are kept to a minimum. Spending a month here was easy, there were so many places, sights and hikes to fill our days and we were never bored of what was next. With an abundance of overnight hikes, sunset and sunrise views, pristine beaches, waterfalls, wild animals and stunning landscapes - I could have easily spent a couple more months on this amazing island.

I loved every part of this beautiful Australian state, but somewhere that kept drawing me back, was the East Coast.

One of my favourite spots would have to be the Bay of Fires. This free, yes LEGALLY FREE camp spot has several different areas in which you can set up. We stayed at Swimcart Beach Camping on three seperate occasions - each stay spending at least a couple of nights , it was just too good to leave! The weather was beautiful, the view phenomenal, and the crystal clear aqua water... Let's just say it was too appealing not to brave a swim in this chilly water.

Opening up the back door to our new backyard was too good to be true.

A three-hour stunning drive, right down the East Coast of Tas will lead you to Freycinet National Park - another must see. With more accommodation options, Freycinet is more frequently visited by tourists and locals alike - but there are still ways to beat the crowds and have your own experience. My highlight of the national park would have to be Wineglass Bay - a perfect view can be seen by hiking to Mt Amos for sunrise. It happened to be a very misty and wet morning when we rock scrambled to the top - and even though it was very cloudy, at the last minute the sun peaked through and we were rewarded with this view.

After we scrambled back down, had breakfast and packed our overnight hiking packs - we set off to view Wineglass Bay again, this time from the sand. Many people walk this track, either to catch a glimpse at a more accessible lookout, or to complete the day circuit which passes through the Bay. But if you want to avoid the crowds, walking to the far side of Wineglass Bay , spending the day in the sun and later setting up a tent with a view of the water will ensure you experience this beautiful beach all by yourselves!

As a lover of overnight hikes, especially when they require a lot of walking and stunning views, I was more than excited to hike to Cape Pillar! Normally this Cape is part of the new walk along the Three Capes Track, which when you're travelling six months straight on a budget, can leave you $495 AUD out of pocket. With a lot of research we discovered we could hike to the main attraction along the Three Capes track, without spending a single cent. The best part about overnight hikes is being able to say you carried all your own water, food and then setting up your own tent to take in your surroundings! If you spend $495 on the Three Capes walk, you don't have to worry about taking your own food and equipment and you are staying in 5 star accommodation cabins, which in my opinion, isn't what camping is about! It's about finding that perfect spot to set up your tent and cooking your own dinner which you brought with you.

We were the only ones camping metres from The Cape - which is a good two hours from the cabins. We spent the night watching the sun set from the cape and then waking up to be the only ones watching the sun rise from the opposite direction!

It definitely won't be long until I return to this magnificent part of Australia. The East Coast has so much to offer, and if you are in desperate need to explore this country but have limited time and funds - look no further than Tasmania. I can't believe more people don't visit this amazing state - it has all of Australia's best qualities, put into one singular location. You will have mountains, hikes, waterfalls, free camps, crystal clear beaches, amazing surf and stunning landscapes to occupy your days - you will no doubt fall in love with the hidden gem that is Tasmania.

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