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5 Reasons You Need to Visit the Snowy Mountains (Outside of the Snow Season)

I think its safe to say I completely underestimated this particular region of Australia, A LOT.

Not because I had heard anything that would make me think otherwise, but after a couple of school excursions and the misconception that it was only a location for boarding and skiing in Winter - I didn’t think this spot would be SO amazing, especially in Autumn.

Yes, even when its not clad in powdery snow, the Snowy Mountains has a never-ending list of activities that will make you want to pack your bags and head there ASAP.

1. Unlimited Swimming Holes

When we first entered Kosciusko National Park I never imaged I would be bringing out my swimmers and going for a dip. But with pristine crystal clear water, we spent a lot of our time here doing just that.

We were pretty lucky with the weather, a lot of the gorges we visited blocked the wind and the sun was warm enough to bask in - so for those of you wondering, yes it was definitely hot enough to swim! (And I’m sure summer would be even more reason!)

Each day we explored deeper into the Park and kept discovering more and more rivers, pools and even, picturesque waterfalls - something I never knew existed in this part of NSW. These alone, are enough reason to get yourself to the Snowys!

2. Free Camps Galore

Another not so commonly-known fact about this region - every single campsite is completely 100% free (and yes legally!) There are no bookings (thank God) and they are so well kept that you keep questioning wether you actually should b paying - but no, this is just another reason I love this area.

Normal Day entry fees still apply, but in shoulder season this price is reduced to only $18AUD per car (so the more the merrier, or in this case cheaper!) This covers your park use and when you think about it - all your camping needs.

Also, most of these camp grounds are usually closed off in the winter as the roads are impossible to circumnavigate and drive on in the snow - so the only way you can witness some of these places is to get there before the season starts

There’s no greater feeling than knowing you don’t have to pre-book or be disappointed from missing out - just arrive at your spot, set up and relax!

3. Jaw-dropping Views

Ok I’m a little bias, I do love a good Australian view - but if you love being constantly in awe at beautiful landscapes - this is the place to visit.

Our number one spot was a hike into the backcountry from Charlotte’s Pass, the Main Range trail will take you right to Blue Water Hole - and from there turn left and up the mountains for another 30-40 minute ascent. You will know when you have reached the view, you will stand there for a good 5 minutes and ask yourself if you are still in Australia.

4. Star-gazing

Anywhere away from the light pollution of big cities will usually have incredible stars, especially on a clear night - but because Kosciusko is the highest point in Australia, everything is just extra magical. Grab a blanket and a couple of pillows and watch the stars start to appear in the night sky.

Your best chance of this is early Autumn when the milky way starts to make its appearance.

5. Wildlife

For the wildlife enthusiasts or animal lovers out there - look no further than the Snowy mountains! Not only are there Wild Brumbies running around in the countryside but you are also bound to camp up next to a couple of Kangaroos, because there are just as many.

I don’t think I have ever seen so many bird species than I have camping in the Northern Region of Kosciusko National Park. Every morning we woke to the sound of Black Cockatoos, Rosellas, Lorikeets and Kookaburras - an alarm clock I could get used to!

Now i’m not a big fan of cold weather, I usually prefer my holiday destinations to be along the coastline beach-hopping, but coming from someone that lives for seaside escapes - I would come back here in a heartbeat! (And definitely will!)

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